Welp, the pet ended in in 4 hours. That’s a Record!

Apparently, my parents’ inner self are more negative than the dark endless abyss, so I had to let the cat go back to where it came. It was a good 4 hours time. I had my fill of having a cat, even though it was quick… -sobs- Apparently, there was some deeper reasons why we can’t have a cat in the house, I don’t get all the details but I have no rights of rebutting against my parents over a cat…

Thank you for those you have answered my questions. I’ll use them in the future if I’ll ever have a cat again (or other pets)

oranges-and-pears asked:

you won't develop an allergy from the cat's fur; in fact, having a pet reduces the chance that you'll have an allergy later on in life (people's allergies can change as they get older). since your cat looks like a kitten, you should feed it a kitten-specific food to promote healthy growth and get it a litterbox and make sure to always leave out water, and change it two or three times a day. if possible, take your cat to the vet to get up-to-date on its vaccines and make sure it's healthy.

Litterbox, Water, and vaccines. Thank you for the advice! (Thanks for the brush tip as well!)

Right, so I got a cat. So… help?

The story goes before I came to adopt this cat. I saw this cat at my training place. Caught my eyes a few times, but I never thought too much about adopting one (cuz of parents objections). After a few months of encountering it again. This time I pet it for once and it followed me. And the owner welcomes me to take it home, so now I got a cat. But now, I am faced with multiple problems both with the cat and with my family. I’ll try to be as clear as I can.

First, I don’t know how to take care of a cat, I always wanted a cat as a pet, now that I got one, I have no idea what to do. It usually rub itself against me (my legs, my arms and occasionally, my chest) And it nibbles/bites(?) my finger, thought it was hungry. Idk. Got any tips for raising cats?

Now to my family, my dad gave a really REALLY negative reaction to the cat. I expected as much since my family’s history of pets isn’t so… positive. He thinks I’m too obsessive on caring the cat, my mom too thinks like that. She says that cats got fur problems and it furs everywhere it goes and I’m not allowed to have it near my room, thinking that I might get some allergy/disease from the fur. Thoughts?

I am not gonna give up on him/her, here’s what the cat looks like, I’m open to all sorts of ideas/suggestions.image